Our Value Proposition

At Sourcing Solutions, we take End of Life (EOL) and pre-owned products and convert them to eXtension of Life (XOL) products. With our XOL solutions, we deliver superior pricing and continued product support. This allows end customers to standardize on their proven working environment without having to do extensive (if any) training or testing.

Our Advantages

The Extension of Life Advantage

Today’s IT products can satisfy many end-users requirements well beyond when the OEM manufacturer dictates their End of Life and discontinues their sale of the products. Our commitment to continue to provide these products allows end-users to extend the life of their product deployments improving the total cost of ownership and freeing up capital for other projects.

Single Source for all Alternatives

Comprehensive selection of new and refurbished networking, system, and component products across every major OEM brand, means you won’t have to call multiple suppliers with various levels of quality and support.

Authentication and Validation Firewall

EOL and refurbished products carry an inherent risk of legitimacy and condition classification. That’s why all of our products go through our in-house Authentication and Validation Firewall to ensure our customers are getting exactly what is promised.

Industry Leading Warranties

3 year Advanced Replacement warranty on all networking and system products (1 Year on Components) provides you piece of mind after purchase.