Our Value Proposition

At Phelps United Sourcing, we take End of Life (EOL) and pre-owned products and convert them to eXtension of Life (XOL) products. With our XOL solutions, we deliver superior pricing and continued product support. This allows end customers to standardize on their proven working environment without having to do extensive (if any) training or testing.

Our Quality Promise

Over the lifespan of our company, the Phelps United Sourcing team has developed a vast and proven network of vetted and trusted sources, both domestic and international. These include manufacturer-certified spare parts and manufacturer factory excess, open market buy-back of surplus from resellers, end-users, lease turn-in, and trade-in programs.
Phelps United Sourcing has developed a proprietary quality control process, which employs a multipoint inspection, testing, and refurbishment process to ensure product quality and authenticity. Our quality control specialists, employing those processes, are able to prevent the purchase and subsequent distribution of products by Phelps United Sourcing to its customers that fail to pass QA checks and controls i.e. appear to be inauthentic or non-conforming to customer expectations.

Quality Assurance:
• Supplier Vetting: Each of our suppliers are thoroughly vetted and graded on performance prior to purchasing, and for the duration of any supply relationship.
• Inspection: Every product is subjected to a thorough physical and visual inspection at each step of the process to ensure product quality and authenticity.
• Our Quality assurance technicians are continuously trained and educated in the latest detection methods of determining product authenticity. 
• Testing: A comprehensive set of diagnostic and functional system tests are performed to ensure product integrity. All products must meet factory standards and function as new, unless specified otherwise.
• Refurbishment: All refurbished products are physically and virtually restored to a like new condition, unless specified otherwise. 
• All product repairs are made in compliance with OEM, quality and environmental standards. 
• Genuine OEM replacement parts are used during the refurbishment process where available, unless specified otherwise. 
• Physical refurbishment steps take may include, but are not limited to the following:
• Products are re-labeled as needed. 
• Plastics, Fasteners, Casings, and other parts are restored or replaced as needed.
• Non-functioning or sub-par parts are always restored or replaced as needed.
• Repaired units are subjected to system tests as applicable.
• Software: All products are provided in a new or like new state with software setting in factory default.
• Where necessary(During refurbishment) software settings are restored to factory default settings.
• During refurbishment, products are updated to the latest software revisions or standards, unless specified otherwise. 
• Packaging: All products are packaged in conformity with OEM and industry standard to ensure strong protection from damage caused by tampering, transit, and static.
• Where necessary, products are re-packaged, re-labeled, and security sealed within our proprietary packaging solutions.

• Warranty: Phelps United Sourcing stands behind it’s quality assurance processes with an industry leading Advance Replacement Warranty.
• This means that if a product is found to be defective or damaged, Phelps United Sourcing will provide immediate replacements for the duration of the Warranty Period.
• Where specified, products may retain OEM warranty in addition to the standard Phelps United Sourcing Advance Replacement Warranty.
• Many products are also eligible for OEM warranty uplifts where still available from the OEM.
• Our Advance Replacement coverage varies from 1-5 Years and in some cases may include lifetime coverage.

Our Advantages

The Extension of Life Advantage

Today’s IT products can satisfy many end-users requirements well beyond when the OEM manufacturer dictates their End of Life and discontinues their sale of the products. Our commitment to continue to provide these products allows end-users to extend the life of their product deployments improving the total cost of ownership and freeing up capital for other projects.

Single Source for all Alternatives

Comprehensive selection of new and refurbished networking, system, and component products across every major OEM brand, means you won’t have to call multiple suppliers with various levels of quality and support.

Authentication and Validation Firewall

EOL and refurbished products carry an inherent risk of legitimacy and condition classification. That’s why all of our products go through our in-house Authentication and Validation Firewall to ensure our customers are getting exactly what is promised.

Industry Leading Warranties

3 year Advanced Replacement warranty on all networking and system products (1 Year on Components) provides you piece of mind after purchase.