Who We Are

We are growing at Phelps United Sourcing. We work hard, take pride in our work and enjoy ourselves in the process. We value energy. We value enthusiasm. We value experience. The company is a great place to start a career, expand your career and grow your career – while working with a smart and talented team of people and a management team that fosters communication and collaboration.

At Phelps United Sourcing, we have strived since our 2010 founding to provide a culture for our team that allows for growth, challenge, respect and fun. We have a family atmosphere, yet still professional, where people can interact with one another across all levels of the organization and feel comfortable in their pursuit of leading a fulfilling life.

Job Opportunities

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Employee Benefits

Our extensive employ benefits program includes:

  • Health insurance with company contribution
  • 10 Holidays per year
  • Paid time off
  • Long Term Incentive Plan

Why join our team?

Work/Life Balance

We realize you have a life, friends, and family outside our building.

The Coffee

Our Jura coffee machine has been voted “Employee of the Month” for its consistently outstanding work ethic and versatility—fresh Coffee, Espresso, Lattes, Cappuccinos; it simply does it all and never complains.

Dog Friendly

Our canine friendly environment has received a four paw rating from our employee’s dogs.

Casual Work Environment

Casual attire is standard (some safety restrictions in our warehouse).

The Food

A well stocked galley area containing breakfast, snack and lunch items, many of which have expiration dates that aren’t in the next decade.

Family Like Environment

We’re together 5 days a week. We treat our team as family including the playful teasing and occasional chores.

We Work Hard, but Play Hard, Too

We take having fun serious with frequent company-wide events for all our employees. Wallflowers need not apply.

Grow With Us

We are committed to developing our team members and look to hire from within as opportunities arise.