Welcome to the Sourcing Solutions Intern BUNCH!!

Welcome to the Sourcing Solutions Intern BUNCH!!

By: Gilbert Truong

Posted: July 12, 2017 |

The summer season has arrived here at Sourcing Solutions, which means new interns have joined the family! This year we are pleased to welcome 7 new Interns.  Current students and recent graduates from schools across the country, these young and talented individuals have jumped into the different departments, assisting the team while learning along the way.


Our youngest member of the Sourcing Solutions family is Ben Borghi.  Ben will be entering 8th grade next school year. Ben is supporting the Human Resources Department.  When Ben’s not busy scanning and filing, you can find him with the Dogs at SSL, after all Man (and Ben) are a Dog’s Best Friend!!


Joining our diligent accounting team is our numbers wiz, Cross Alcantara, who is currently a Business student at California State University Long Beach. Not only is Cross great with numbers, his strong-willed, self-motivating attitude is a great addition to the team.


Graduate of Drexel University, Chris Bailey joins the Sourcing Solutions family in our Product Management department. When he is away from the office, Chris is a great athlete, proven by being captain of Drexel Men's Club Volleyball team for five years.


Recent business graduate of California State University Fullerton, Gilbert Truong joins the Sourcing Solutions family in our marketing department. From writing blogs to designing graphic flyers, Gilbert is a team player that lets his creative juices flow.


All the way from Boise State University in Idaho, Hayden McGinnis joins the family for our brand, Netpatibles. This award-winning football athlete is not only an MVP on the field, he's also an all-star in our Sourcing Solutions family.


From Alabama State University, Kayla Stephens joins our sales department, providing helpful sales support for the busy team. Also, supporting the sales team with customer service projects, Ryan Johnson returns to the family for the summer while attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas during the school year.  Not only are these two-offering incredible assistance in the sales department, they are both superstars on the court—basketball to be exact. Champions Kayla and Ryan are a slam dunk here at Sourcing Solutions as well.