Sourcing Solutions Gives Back

Sourcing Solutions Gives Back

Posted: May 20, 2016 |

Sourcing Solution Gives Back

April 28th 2016, the Sourcing Solutions family volunteered at the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. Our team members put forth a huge effort to help out our local community by packaging produce that will make its way to be distributed to needy families. We were unanimously voted best dressed, most competitive, and most enthusiastic group! 


The Sourcing Solutions Team sorted, packaged, and stocked:

2,500 lbs of potatoes

3,500 lbs of oranges

7,500 lbs of carrots

7,500 lbs of onions


CONGRATULATIONS, and THANK YOU for making last night such a success! Needless to say, we are incredibly impressed, and very appreciative of all the hard work! Stay tuned for the next chapter of Sourcing Solution Gives Back.